HP Device Manager: A Java Exception has occurred.

This subject isn’t something I’d typically write about but I was so irritated by this issue that if this post helps one other person then it’s worth it.

I recently went to launch the HP Device Manager and received the Java error you see here. I knew that the Java components were packaged with the console install so I figured that I had jacked something up by installing/uninstalling other Java versions. I decided on the clean slate approach and uninstalled the Device Manager console along with Java. After rebooting I went to reinstall the Device Manager console and received a ‘configuration failed’ error at the end of the install.

Launching the console after the config failure resulted in the same Java launcher error. At this point I logged into a clean VM and installed the device manager with no issues. So at least I knew it was a workstation issue.  HP Device Manager uses InstallShield so I tried logging the install from a command line which did create two long log files but did not help narrow down the issue at all.

Install Command: HP_Device_Manager-4.7.exe /debuglog”c:\temp\setup.log” /V” /L*v C:\temp\setup2.log”

I fired up procmon and ran through the install one more time. Once again nothing is standing out as failing or denied. Up to this point I was shift+right clicking and running the install as a user with admin privileges. I logged out of normal account and signed into Windows as the local admin. Whadda-ya-know everything installed fine – no errors. I compared my profile with that of the local admin and while there were several differences, looking at time stamps and file types I found the issue. Apparently another application (looking at you Imprivata) left behind a java config file that was breaking the device manager console. At the root of my user profile was a file named ‘.accessibility.properties‘ which is typically used to let Java know which assistive technology to load and if a screen magnifier or reader is present. I am by no means a Java developer and cannot pretend I didn’t research the ‘.accessibility.properties‘ file to get a better understanding but the bottom line is that deleting that file solved my issue.

I was able to replicate the issue by copying the file to the root of any user profile and attempt to launch the HP DM Console. Deleting C:\Users\%\.accessibility.properties once again allowed the HP Device Manager Console to launch.

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