Export Distribution Point Group Members

I was recently asked to get a list of all Distribution Points in a specific Distribution Point Group. Now I knew I could just copy out of the console but where is the fun in that? You have to be able to do this with a Powershell one-liner right? Queue 10 minutes later and voila! (OK you’re right. It did take longer than 10 minutes) Here is how I did it.

The group name isDPG Alpha so I started with Get-CMDistributionPointGroup.

PS CNT:\> Get-CMDistributionPointGroup -Name 'DPG Alpha' 

SmsProviderObjectPath : SMS_DistributionPointGroup.GroupID="{XXXXXXX-XXXXXXX-XXXXXXX}"
CollectionCount       : 0
ContentCount          : 50
ContentInSync         : True
CreatedBy             : contoso\21303
CreatedOn             : 4/11/2018 12:44:16 PM
Description           : This is the Production Distribution Point Group.
GroupID               : {XXXXXXX-XXXXXXX-XXXXXXX}
HasMember             : True
HasRelationship       : False
MemberCount           : 10
ModifiedBy            : contoso\21303
ModifiedOn            : 4/17/2019 12:44:16 PM
Name                  : DPG Alpha
OutOfSyncContentCount : 0
SourceSite            : CNT 

We need the members of the DPG Alpha group so I piped in Get-CMDistributionPoint.

PS CNT:\> Get-CMDistributionPointGroup -Name "DPG Alpha" | Get-CMDistributionPoint 

NetworkOSPath         : \\DPG1.CNT.NET
PropLists             : {BindExcept, Objects Polled By Site Status, Protected Boundary, SourceDistributionPoints...}
Props                 : {ADSiteName, AllowInternetClients, AvailableContentLibDrivesList, AvailablePkgShareDrivesList...}
RoleCount             : 2
RoleName              : SMS Distribution Point
ServerState           : 196611
ServiceWindows        : 
SiteCode              : CNT
SiteSystemStatus      : 1
SslState              : 0
Type                  : 8 

Since we don’t care about anything other than the hostname, I limited the script to only the NetworkOSPath.

PS CNT:\> Get-CMDistributionPointGroup -Name "DPG Alpha" | Get-CMDistributionPoint | foreach { $_.NetworkOSPath }


Now we are getting somewhere. Just to make it cleaner, let’s get rid of the leading slashes.

PS CNT:\> (Get-CMDistributionPointGroup -Name "DPG Alpha" | Get-CMDistributionPoint | foreach { $_.NetworkOSPath }).Substring(2)


And just in case you don’t want the FQDN…let’s drop the domain too.

PS CNT:\> (Get-CMDistributionPointGroup -Name "DPG Alpha" | Get-CMDistributionPoint | foreach { $_.NetworkOSPath }).Substring(2) -replace ".CNT.NET"


Of course you could export that to a CSV but this worked for me.

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